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(19)US (11)5997211 (13)A
(12) Abstract to Unites State Patent 
(14) Дата публикации: 1999-12-07
(21) Регистрационный номер заявки: 1998190107/09
(22) Дата подачи заявки: 1998-11-12
(45) Опубликовано: 1999-12-07
(56) Список документов, цитированных в отчете о поиске:
(S) US 5288164 A, 1994-02-22
(71) Имя заявителя:
Chou Pi-Cheng (TW)
(72) Имя изобретателя:
Chou Pi-Cheng (TW)
(73) Имя патентовладельца:
Chou Pi-Cheng (TW)
(54) Structure of gate barrier
(57) A gate barrier includes two parallel posts, a folding collapsible barrier pivoted to one post and turned by a power drive to close/open the passage way between the posts, wherein the folding collapsible barrier has a barbed bottom rail which is supported on the ground to prevent vehicles from passing when the folding collapsible barrier is turned to a horizontal position to close the passage way.

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