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(19)US (11)5823705 (13)A
(12) Abstract to Unites State Patent 
(14) Дата публикации: 1998-10-20
(21) Регистрационный номер заявки: 19960733523
(22) Дата подачи заявки: 1996-10-18
(45) Опубликовано: 1998-10-20
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(71) Имя заявителя:
Jackson Martin A. (US);
Rhatigan John M. (US)
(72) Имя изобретателя:
Jackson Martin A. (US);
Rhatigan John M. (US)
(73) Имя патентовладельца:
Entwistle Company (US)
(54) Multipurpose energy absorbing barrier system
(57) A restraining barrier is positionable across a roadway in a deployed position to define a restraining zone and may be moved vertically to a passive position by first and second transport components. Opposite ends of the barrier are coupled to the first and second transport components, respectively, and also couple the barrier to first and second energy absorbers of differing restraintive force in order stop vehicles of varying weight. A support cable is coupled to an indicator for providing a signal indicating vehicle impact. Additionally, a series of restraining barriers and energy absorbers may provide a series of sequentially differing restraintive forces to stop lightweight and heavier vehicles. The barrier may be a net and include a lower wire below the net assuring effective trapping of autos and trucks of a variety of heights.

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