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(19)US (11)4490068 (13)A
(12) Abstract to Unites State Patent 
(14) Дата публикации: 1984-12-25
(21) Регистрационный номер заявки: 19830488106
(22) Дата подачи заявки: 1983-04-25
(45) Опубликовано: 1984-12-25
(56) Список документов, цитированных в отчете о поиске:
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(71) Имя заявителя:
Dickinson Harry D. (US)
(72) Имя изобретателя:
Dickinson Harry D. (US)
(73) Имя патентовладельца:
Dickinson Harry D. (US)
(54) Hydraulic safety barrier traffic-way controller
(57) A vehicle traffic-way controller of retractile barrier configuration wherein activation and control is by hydraulics in the form of a pressure source applied from a motor driven pump and directed by a valve to opposite ends of a double acting cylinder and piston actuator to extend and retract the barrier, there being switch control with positive positioning of the barrier and with impact absorbing protection for the hydraulics and structure.

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