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(19)US (11)4354771 (13)A
(12) Abstract to Unites State Patent 
(14) Дата публикации: 1982-10-19
(21) Регистрационный номер заявки: 19810241025
(22) Дата подачи заявки: 1981-03-06
(45) Опубликовано: 1982-10-19
(56) Список документов, цитированных в отчете о поиске:
(S) US 4097170 A, 1978-06-01
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(71) Имя заявителя:
Dickinson Harry D. (US)
(72) Имя изобретателя:
Dickinson Harry D. (US)
(54) Motorized curb barrier traffic-way controller
(57) A motorized traffic-way controller wherein a retractile curb barrier and locking lift means operate by motor drive means that is recycled by closing a mode switch through cam controlled "stop" and "go" switches responsive to the position of a motor drive means at the side of the traffic-way, the preferred installation being above grade and comprised of low profile modules with retractile curb configurations that project as tire barriers, the modules and drive means being adapted to coupled engagement one with the other when assembled.

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