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(19)GB (11)2187491 (13)A
(12) Abstract to UK Patent Application 
(14) Дата публикации: 1987-09-09
(21) Регистрационный номер заявки: 8605248
(22) Дата подачи заявки: 1986-03-04
(56) Список документов, цитированных в отчете о поиске:
(S) GB 2151285 A, 1985-07-17
(S) GB 2062051 A, 1981-05-20
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(S) GB 1405780, 1975-09-10
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(71) Имя заявителя:
Jsai l-Chang (TW)
(72) Имя изобретателя:
Jsai l-Chang (TW)
(74) Патентный поверенный:
Langner Parry (GB)
(54) Portable road barrier
(57) A portable road barrier comprises: a portable housing (1) for enclosing a laxy tong frame (2) in a contracted condition, one end of said lazy tong frame being connected to the housing (1) with a remote end of said frame being connected to a support pillar (3) so that the frame in an expanded condition is capable of being supported between the housing and the pillar, said frame being provided with a coating of luminous material on the opposing major planar surfaces thereof and having a plurality of spikes (21) connected to at least one of the arms of a crossed pair of arms of the lazy tong frame, said spikes projecting outwardly from the frame for flattening a tyre of a vehicle attempting to run over the barrier.

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